Workload & Certification


Online presence time: 38 hours


  • 1 x 3 hours kick-off meeting to get to know each other and to clarify objectives
  • 4 x 3 hours of interactive online tutoring on the technical basics
  • 3 x 3 hours interactive online seminars for practice transfer
  • 1 x 1 hour online exam
  • 4 x 3 hours of interactive online workshops for implementation including presentation of the results


Self-study time: 20 hours


  • Watch instructional videos
  • Answer quiz questions on learning objectives
  • "Scanning" of online teaching materials on neurodidactics, neuroleadership and change for relevant information


Implementation time: 40 hours


  • Develop your implementation concept
  • Write your thesis
  • Create your presentation


Total Workload: approximately 100 hours

Certificate of participation and certificate of qualification

Regardless of the certification requirements, you will receive

  • a certificate of attendance of the self-study units actually completed 

  • a certificate of attendance for the web meetings your actually attended


A qualified certificate




will be awarded if you meet the following requirements:


  • Completion of all self-study units including the associated quizz questions for learning objectives (as documented in the elopage LMS)

  • Presence during 3/4 of the online presence appointments (web meetings)

  • Passing of the scientific online exam with ten multiple-choice questions each on the five subject areas "Scientific Foundations", "Neurophysiology", "Neuroanatomy", "Neuropsychology" and "Systems Theory" (50 questions = 50 achievable points. Pass mark > 30 points).  

  •  Preparation of a written paper of about 20 pages (research question + theoretical consideration + derived concept for practical implementation.

  • Presentation and discussion of the concept during the final day.