Participants & Investment


In order to allow an intensive and truly interactive collaboration and to ensure the exclusive character of the training, the number of participants is limited to 10 persons.


1. The courage to think yourself (sapere aude!): 

there are no ready-made "findings" that can be applied universally to seminar situations without ambiguity ("scientifically proven") ("This is how I convince my participants / clients", "These are exactly the words I use to explain x in the seminar"). As Prof. Peter Kruse once said: it is not our goal to deliver "solutions", but to enable people to find their solutions. 


2. Complexity tolerance:

we move acrobatically between neurobiological, psychological and systems theory models, each of which illuminates different aspects - not always without contradiction. A wonderful and enjoyable training in mental agility for all those who don't need the false security of "right and wrong" and who have grown beyond the "How to think in 7 steps".


3. The willingness to share your own thoughts and concepts with others:

this course lives from dialogue and the joint reflection of your own models on the models introduced by myself and the participants. In return, we spare ourselves pseudo-evident prescriptions "ex cathedra". 


4. Time and willingness to make an effort:  

the self-study units and the interactive online meetings are not "unboxing the brain" YouTube videos, no Gallileo shows (as great as they are) and no Netflix evenings. It's often funny, sometimes serious, but always at a level you would expect from a seminar at university. It can also be exhausting to spend three hours of concentrated discussion after a working day. Think about whether you can and want to do this. 


Monetary investment

  • The price for the training is 2100,00 EUR per person plus VAT. Prices paid in other currencies vary depending on the exchange rate at the time of booking.

  • The examination fees are included in the training price at the first attempt.

  • For catch-up exams and repeat exams an equivalent of 100.00 EUR plus VAT will be charged.

  • For catch-up dates of repeating dates for the oral presentation, an equivalent of 210 EUR plus VAT will be charged.

  • There are no early bird prices or the like, as I want to avoid buying incentives that have nothing to do with the interest in the topic and its implementation, i.e. are "extrinically motivated" so to speak :-)

  • There are, however, discounts for those who are particularly interested and cannot afford the training fee at the moment, for participants who have already attended a seminar with me before, and for people who belong to a network of friends. In this case please contact me by e-mail to You will then receive a discount code.  

  • Discounts are only valid if you pay the complete course price via the course platform elopage.

  • Your payment options are: PayPal, credit card, instant bank transfer, advance payment or invoice. The invoice is due for payment 14 days after receipt without any deductions.

Any further questions? Please, feel free to contact us at any time.