Before you decide...

WHAT if...?

1.'re interested in the training and you have questions:

  • please, contact me via email  (fh(at)brain-hr-com)
  • or by telephone  (+40-89 - 3000 44 24)


  Two.'re short of time right now:


  • ...then participation may not make sense until a later date.
  • the approx. 100 hours of workload are necessary to achieve the required level of professionalism in dealing with the topic.


3. only need a few "crisp insights from brain research" for communication in the seminar, with clients or for marketing:


  • then you probably wouldn't feel very comfortable here (for using a sledge-hammer to crack a nut)
  • you're welcome to contact us. We recommend you providers who serve these concerns competently and seriously 



4. you are a lateral thinker with a passion for practice-oriented complexity and science and want to give your creative spirit new wings, 


  • go forward and enrol now