Neuro Online L&D English

Open online training in systemic neuropsychology for masterminds in Learning & Development, for HR leaders, trainers, coaches and consultants.

This training gives you scientifically sound and application-oriented competences in three of the most important scientific disciplines that investigate the conditions of success for learning and development  in organisations:


  1. neurobiology,  the hardware of change
  2. psychology, describing the cognitive and emotional conditions for development
  3. systems theory, which provides deep insights into the rules, processes and success conditions of change in organizations.

Science culture is a blueprint for future learning
(Franz Hütter at the SAP Group Future Learning Lab). 


This training exists because I am deeply convinced, 


  • that without much faster, deeper and different learning (compared to the current practice in most companies), we will lose the race against time and the current dynamics of change
  • that Learning & Development therefore plays a key role in the survival of organisations (and societies) whose importance cannot be overestimated.
  • that scientific thinking and scientific methods (namely the natural sciences AND the humanities) provide a template for what we need in the Learning & Development of the future.


Would you like to experience this SCIENCE CULTURE yourself? Would you like to internalize scientific thinking and to pass it on to your colleagues as a multiplier?  


Then a dive into the depths of systemic neuropsychology could be a rewarding, maybe even revolutionary experience for you!

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