This is what our customers say about brain-hr

Franz Huetter possesses the unique gift of vividly conveying complex correlations from brain research in a well-founded and very humorous manner. In his well-attended, and already frequently held workshops for nlpaed e. V., numerous participants were very enthusiastic about the new perspective and considered the bridging between NLP and the research to be inspiring and successful.

This makes it considerably easier for us, as practitioners, to answer questions about the impact of applying the NLP approach and methodology. It increases acceptance and opens many doors.


Alexandra Lux, First Manager of the nlpaed e.V.

Mr. Huetter derived practical perspectives from his own extensive primary source studies in neuro-science, in order to present application possibilities coherently and enjoyably. In other words, he presents scientific findings for practical application, based upon solid empirical results. This he does in a lively and humorous manner. Highly recommended!

Dr.  med. Hans Garten, Fellow American College of Functional Neurology, Diplomate American Chiropractic Neurology Board

After a long and multi-faceted path of my own professional development, these neuro-biological principles are exactly what I need to bring things together, to summarise them, to evaluate what is really significant and, in particular, to create the connection between seemingly disparate things.

Rolf Allemann, Dipl. Psychologe FH/SBAP

Franz Huetter‘s brain seminars are informative, intelligent, inspiring, entertaining, relevant and always innovative! I would very much like to recommend these workshops to customers and colleagues, and enjoy receiving regular, enthusiastic feedback.

Vivien Marsch, human resource developmentpment