Company Customers

Our seminars and workshops are mainly aimed at companies, public authorities, training institutes and colleges and are individually designed, based on a precise assignment clarification.




The Main Topics are:


  • Neuro-leadership within the framework of executive education programmes
  • Neuro-didactics for personnel developers/trainers/managers of personnel developers, as well as trainer-trainings
  • change-orientated personal and professional coaching
  • brain-harmonious design of change processes



Frequent Customer Concerns are: 


  • Further development of management’s understanding, and the optimisation of management experience
  • Increasing the acceptance and effectiveness of training programmes.
  • Increasing individuals’ motivation for change and occupational health
  • Conception and monitoring of organisational changes 


Individual Customers

Independent trainers, consultants, coaches and authors, in particular, often ask for workshops which cover their particular expertise and seminar topics: from the scientific foundation of management training courses to the increasingly important subjects such as "Gender Diversity" and "Learning Conditions for Older Employees" to the effectiveness of therapeutic breath work in coaching, to name just some examples.


Our consultancy services are particularly suitable for these individual concerns. Recently we have been using more and more video-conferences, which can be recorded as desired. On request, we can also offer individual webinars for several participants. Thus, we can work on your topics, unrestricted by location, and with a high degree of individualisation, and you can view the content as often as you wish on your pc or your mobile device.


Please feel free to contact us. We will clarify your concerns without obligation on the telephone and if you so wish, make you an offer.