Inspiring, motivating, informing, shaking things up and galvanising into action with science: our lectures are scientifically based and, at the same time, accessible, animated, humorous and emotional. Consequently, they create incentives which continue to act long-term in the heads and actions of the listeners.  




We offer you a series of different lecture formats tailored to your needs:


  •  Dialogue lecture geared to a specific subject, for example in front of a small group of experts or decision makers.
  •  Presentations for larger audiences with follow-up workshops for small groups to aid transfer into practice.
  •  Motivating lectures and moderated interview lectures with subsequent panel discussions as a large group event


 On request, you will also obtain the rights to use film and sound recordings.




 Our customers order presentations, for example for: 


  • Meetings and conferences for experts on the subject of learning and teaching, leadership, personnel development, coaching etc., to enrich motivation with contributions from neuro-science. 
  • Participants in kick-off events, to gain awareness of the conditions needed to succeed in neuronal and organisational change processes
  • Internal company events and external customer presentations, to enhance them by means of scientifically-based infotainment with highly practical applications.