Scope of our work

  • Developing and monitoring of personnel- and organisational development projects on a scientific basis.
  • Integration of neuro-scientific and psychological studies into training concepts, presentations and seminar documentation.
  • Integration of graphic material from brain research, contained in the above-mentioned documentation.
  • Review of seminar content with the aid of up-to-date research.
  • Research and preparation of scientific literature for communication concepts, lectures and scientific papers.
  • Conception and implementation of workshops, seminars and lectures.

Project examples

  • Revision of the coaching-training of a company-owned academy, based on effectiveness studies as well as the basic principles of Klaus Grawe’s Neuro-Psychotherapy.
  • Reviewing the scientific fundamentals of various coaching approaches and creating corresponding documentation for the B2B- and B2C-communication.
  • Conception and implementation of numerous trainer-trainings using neuro-scientific explanation models for the training content and methods.
  • Consultation about change, on the further development of leadership and organisational development concepts.
  • Consultation about change, on the further development of personnel development and organisational learning processes.
  • Scientific consulting for book projects and for creation of professional publications.