Franz Hütter, M.A.

 As a student of linguistics and literature, I was already engaged in studying language psychology at the beginning of the nineties. Ever since, cognitive-linguistics and patho-linguistics have fascinated me, as has the inter-disciplinary research at the interface between language, thought and subjective experience.


After being engaged in a scientific occupation, I joined the software industry in 1999 as a communications and strategy consultant, where I was involved in IT projects within the automotive industry for ten years. I completed training as an instructor and master coach (DVNLP/INLPTA), and also in psychotherapy (HPG) with further development in clinical hypnosis and Ericksonian hypnosis, including depth-psychologically based body therapy.


As consultant and coach, I accompany employees, managers and organisations through challenging communication and change processes. As trainer and speaker, I impart application-orientated knowledge, utilising vivid examples from business practice, combined with scientific standards.


It is my particular concern to make current findings from brain research usable in practice and to transform them into concrete actions with the cooperation of managers, personnel developers, trainers and coaches. Furthermore, I have named neuro-bullshit my hobby: I collect obscure myths about the brain, and by dismantling these, I create a cheerful science theory. In doing so I seek to contribute to the serious transfer from life sciences into practice.