Learning & People Development 4.0

Would you be employable by the standards of workforce 4.0 job requirements?


Most of the relevant studies list truly awe-inspiring catalogues of skills and personality traits needed to survive in the advanced stages of a digitalized, AI-dominated economy.


Even if only half of their extrapolations should come true, human resource development faces a Herculean task of making staff and managers emotionally intelligent, innovative, resilient, self-responsible, willing to abandon hierarchical status and able to reinvent their job profiles proactively with every new innovation cycle.


People and leadership development, however, are far from having exhausted their potential for enhancing the growth of the tender saplings of cognitively ‘agile’ and emotionally independent thought and action that have thrived in spite of the corporate immune systems’ tendency of eliminating them as foreign bodies.


C-level permission granted, the neuroplastic impact of people development could be significantly increased. For this purpose, it would have to forge alliances with organization development and embrace the possibilities of new technical methods of communication.


In my speech, I will give you an example of a company that replaced internal emails with a corporate social collaboration solution and, incidentally, got rid of the paralyzing effect of their hierarchical ‘loam layers’.